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We are always more than happy to swap links with your online website. Please fill out the form below in detail and we will contact you shortly. After making your link exchange request, we will send you the desired code/title to be placed on your website and to what section the URL will point to. Once you tell us that you have placed the link on your website, we will do the same. PLEASE READ OUR LINK EXCHANGE RULES FIRST. Thanks!

Link exchange rules

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Link Exchange Rules:

1. Reciprocal links are requested for all sites added.
2. Link farms will not be listed.
3. Adding our link to your site then removing it in the future will cause your site to be removed from our list of links. We do check.
4. Please put our link in an appropriate category; not in a general or miscellaneous category. Our preferred categories are: Internet, Web Design, Online Marketing, Marketing, Printing, Software Design, Retail Solutions, Consultation Services.
5. Your links page (with our link on it) MUST be clearly accessible from your front page; some webmasters are under the illusion that hiding a tiny text link saying 'links' or 'resources' right at the bottom of their page will stop people from leaving their site - in reality, visitors appreciate an easy-to-find links directory that is full of useful links and will remember finding them on your site and return. Please just don't bother submitting your site if your links pages do not follow this ethos.
6. Our link must be a proper HTML link with our url as the target, no script links such as
7. No duplicate sites; i.e. sites with different addresses that have the same or very similar content.
8. We do not accept Adult/Erotica Links
9. Unless you have only one page of links with less than 40 listings, your links pages must be organised into logical categories – we no longer exchange links with sites whose pages are listed like so: Partners 1 2 3 4 5 6 or Resources 1 2 3 4 5 6 et cetera.


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